Ingredients :
1)Chicken legs with skin on
3)Whole pepper corns

Gravy :- (All ingredients according to taste. Bad Indian curries can ALWAYS be fixed with a few adjustments)
5)Chicken fat
6)Ginger-garlic paste
9)Garam Masala
10)Red Chilly Powder

Latest in the BeerBiceps Indian Keto recipes playlist is my take on a classic British Roast. Did an Indian (keto friendly) inspired British style Sunday roast chicken with a keto gravy to go with it.

I honestly believe that chicken is your best friend if you are following a ketogenic diet. And this keto Curry Roast chicken is a keto recipe that i’m proud of. Another recipe to back my claim – Indian cooking is the most keto friendly kind of cooking in the world. Just so much that you can do with Indian food. Keto recipes have never been more delicious. Have you ever had better Keto chicken legs? Enjoy ?

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37 Replies to “Curry Roast Chicken – Keto Indian Chicken Recipe | BeerBiceps Ketogenic Diet”

  1. Why are onions not ketogenic-friendly? 100g onion has ~9-10g carbs. And in other publications I've read, it listed as ketogenic compatible. If your carbs are below 20-30g per day you should stay in ketosis as long as your protein and fats are adequate. Thank you for your feedback, and appreciate your great, informative videos!!

  2. bro give macros pls!!
    And please will u calculate the macros of the curry chicken indian style… the exact macros! i am an amateur so cant do it precisely but on the otherhand u r a pro now so pls do it!! REGARDS!

  3. That looks amazing! Thank you for the recipe. I didn't realize the chicken would cook all the way through using that method. Would using heavy cream (double cream in UK) still taste okay in this recipe instead of the curd? Thanks!

  4. +BeerBiceps New sub here! from Canada! Binge watched your videos today and you answered so many questions I've often had about Keto….thank you for all your insight. I've been doing Keto dairy free. I don't have refeed days & I don't consume fruits but do you recommend them on refeed days? Also what are your thoughts on artificial sweeteners, stevia, diet drinks?

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