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35 Replies to “Cutting With Keto | Physique Update & Leg Day | Ep. 5”

  1. Honestly, I wouldn't mind watchin an occasional lets play if you think you'd be interested. I personally love video games so that is definitely somethin I'd enjoy. :)

  2. heavy whipping cream is just cream. it's not anything special, it's what most used to put in their coffee. People stopped using it because it is pure fat. Cream is great in coffee way better than oil or butter.

  3. You feel like shit because your sodium is low. Electrolytes are important to maintain on keto. drink a cup a chicken or beef broth.
    plus you won't feel the "true" full on affect of keto till about 90days

  4. As your a trainer if you look into your squats on the first bit, look at your right foot, on the negative your ankles turn in, nikes are cool but horrendous for leg day, I bought some weightlifting shoes and holy shit they make a difference. Great vids and keep it up. Lex fitness had issues with his squats and as covered it extensively.

  5. I just recently switched off a keto diet I was on for 3 months. I lost 25 lbs, most of witch was at the beginning, but my energy always seemed to be down compared to other diets and meal preps. And though it was very easy to avoid cravings for the first month and a half, it seemed to more harder the longer I went. I also feel that cheating on keto is different than other diets because it takes my body at least a day or two to get back into ketosis. Was very good to drop weight quick but overall have felt much better on some of the other normal meal preps.

  6. A day in the life Rem. Another great video. Peanut butter is addicting to me too and I'm having a hard time kicking it too. 3 1/2 weeks into Keto and 19 lbs gone, no exercise. I walk for an hour every night seems to help get my 10k steps each day. I look forward to the next gen upgrade to include more vlogs. Can't wait for the Q&A you and Jared have coming up.
    As always, what up Drake….

  7. Can you do a video on protein bars? I have heard they are just candy bars with protein powder in it, is that true?( if you have not had builders villain and almond bar, you need to try it I love them)

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