Does Ketosis Diet make you Fart?


Yes! being in Ketosis makes you fart the stinkiest farts ever!

Your body is running on mostly protein and protein makes dirty ‘protein farts’ that stink up your bedroom!


If your girlfriend takes a sniff of your farts whilst on ketosis chances are she will likely leave you.. Do you really want that?

Or if you are a girl doing a ‘ketosis fart’ that is even worse! As girls are not supposed to do a fart at all! Imagine if one of your girlfriends found out that you farted better than most guy

You wont be farting glitter while on the Ketosis diet girls!


Or if you are a special girl who can hide your farts like ninja, then maybe you can get away with going on the Ketosis diet

What would be worse is if being a girl, you had a boyfriend and you let out a big stinky, steaming, wet fart and your boyfriend was to smell it… Your man would surely leave you!! No guy wants a rancid, putrid women who does stinky, stinky farts!

Girls should really consider if they want to go on a ketosis diet as the consequences can be extreme.


2 Replies to “Does Ketosis Diet make you Fart?”

  1. This comment made me laugh so much. I’m currently on a Ketosis diet and oh my farts are awful. It’s worth it being able to lose the amount of weight I’ve lost. I have so much energy and feel great but my ass stinks. Thanks for your brilliant comment glad I searched in Google “Does Ketosis make your farts smell?”
    Have a great day x

    1. Thanks Emmy. We only wrote this the other day but Ketosis diet definitely does make you do impressive farts.

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