Dr. Dominic D’agostino discusses Ketogenic Diet as metabolic therapy for cancer and much more


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Dr. Dominic D’Agostino is involved in amazing research developing and testing nutritional and metabolic therapies for neurological disorders and cancer. His research is at the cutting edge of the new scientific undercurrent using nutrition as a healing modality. Dominic is on the frontline of nutritional science and is fighting the old paradigm of medicine that neglects a crucial component of health : DIET… we had an awesome conversation, I could have asked him questions for hours – Dr. D’agostino and I discussed ketosis as a strategy for health, building muscle on a ketogenic diet, raw vegan diet as an anti-cancer strategy, metabolic flexibility, and how he can bent over row more than I deadlift. Dr. Dominic D’agostino is a great guy and I’d love to interview him again. Enjoy our chat.


26 Replies to “Dr. Dominic D’agostino discusses Ketogenic Diet as metabolic therapy for cancer and much more”

  1. Nils Osmar

    Good video, though I have to come down on the side of people who've tried veganism, and found it problematic… I'd never go back to veganism, and I wish someone had let me know at the time what a risky and damaging diet it can be. For one thing, vegan diets are inherently high carb, unless people fill up on soy, which is an extremely toxic food (hundreds of studies have shown that soy consumption is damaging to the thyroid, and there's strong evidence that tofu in particular promotes dementia and Alzheimer's). The only "vegans" I know who are still healthy, are ones who claim to be vegan but also eat fish and eggs…. or "Bill Clinton" style vegans… I remember Clinton declaring to the world that he was vegan, then saying he was having fried chicken for lunch… he had not idea when he used the word what "vegan" means.

  2. Tim Greig

    You made a great point at around 18:00 and something I have been recently thinking about. Our rich diversity of foods and nutrient uptake would have been fairly normal for us, surely. Fasting sometimes, overeating sometimes, no carbs, lots of carbs, no protein lots of protein etc. This would have been fairly normal week to week living for our ancestors I would have thought.

  3. Calogero Fiore

    How about IGF1? When you eat animal proteins you up your IGF1 growth hormone and increases chances of cancer, also the heating of animal flesh also increaes chances of cancer and i think cancer doesnt only use glucose but also other substances like glutamine, vit C etc etc.

  4. Mike Snyder

    Great interview ,many questions i had too . thank you , and the good Dr. for keeping the language simple enough . The information is fascinating ! . My own personal experiment using this information is better than expected .

  5. Healthy Recipe Channel

    You may be able to save me some time experimenting by cutting out some trial and error since you are years ahead of me in your Keto experience and research. Have you been able to find anything to increase muscle fullness with out carbs or anything that will improve the pumps in the gym while weight training? My first goal is health and longevity while physical fitness and aesthetics may be last in my priorities in life at my age but I am always curious to experiment and learn. I know that some ingredients such as beet root and some of the antioxidant compounds in Red Wine increase blood flow and vasodilation but with the absence of full Glucose storage and intracellular fluids being full it seems that it would not make a lot of difference? I dont want to have to go out of my way to walk around looking fuller or get better pumps but if there is something with other health benefits that can be easily implemented to the diet, that would be awesome. Again Thank you for putting out all the awesome content.

  6. Micky Sakata

    I just realized that I was making a big mistake for being in ketosis! I've been taking a lot of protein powders (in addition to eating lot of meats daily) before/after the workout, but it seems that BCAA might just be enough to build muscle, according to Dr. D'agostino.

  7. Audrey Fischer

    41 years ago 3 different hospitals predicted I had 3 months to live because of a melon-sized teratoma at the age of my 19th birthday. Surgery removed the tumor, however, they recommended NOT to go through chemotherapy because no one at that time had ever beaten this disease at that time- and that I should enjoy the final 3 months of my life with my family. That was totally unacceptable. A fourth hospital took my case. After 2 years of chemo the exploratory surgery showed the cancer was totally gone. Now, I wonder was it the chemo that saved me or the fasting I did for 3-4 days in a row per month x 2 years. It turns out that during chemo, I got nausea so acutely, that I could not eat nor even smell food, without throwing up- even on an empty tummy. The one drug that could ease nausea caused my throat to close/tongue swell within minutes of the injection. So, of course, I just dealt with nausea. Now, I wonder if the nausea was the God-send. . . because it meant to fast. btw, I'm still strong at 61.

  8. Tim Mendoza

    He talks about carbing while on ketogenic diet….actually, that has been pioneered by Dr Mauro Di Pasquale previously…so maybe he has some experience with the Dr's "Anabolic Diet"

  9. Dagli Daglii

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  10. A M

    Listening to D'Agostino talks and interviews on ketosis is always a treat. It greatly helped, Tristan, that you asked provocative and probing questions. Thank you.
    the Hippocrates Clinic diet is raw, vegan, organic and very low in sugar; they do not allow sweet fruits or starches. I think the low-sugar element is key to the diet's success. My experience is that the effective digestion of raw vegetables requires an optimal digestive system; however, many people with chronic illness have compromised digestive systems. For most people, animal protein is easier to digest.

  11. Kimberley Jones

    Thanks so much both of you for a really helpful video. Dom you're amazing. Can you point me to research re Ketogenic diet helping Epilepsy in adults that I can print and hand to my Neurologist? Thank you.

  12. ndn8shn

    Just curious  the doctor says"having a quest bar throws me out of ketosis" that shouldn't be  quest bars have like 3 to 5
    grams of net carbs  the other carbs are fiber which have no effect on insulin and our body can't digest them so hence zero calories  it shouldn't throw anybody out of ketosis    anyone have a take?

  13. Exia Wu

    Thank you for uploading this video! It is very informative and educational. I am personally on ketogenic diet for almost a year now and my blood profile is great! And my body fat percentage remains around 15% even I am eating 70% of total daily caloric intake from fat.

  14. mwjeepster

    Great stuff, thanks for a fascinating video.  Question – what if any research is being done regarding the effect of this diet (which I love very much) on people with kidney failure…  

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