This article will discuss about fasting, ketosis, and candida diet. A friend of mine did fasting for at least 12 days. It is a real cetogenic diet where you eat nothing but water and you cannot cheat. He did so because of his health. The problems with fasting are:

1) You do not have the pleasure of eating

2) With the running of the days you are losing energy

3) The diet can not last forever

Those reasons make difficult the repetition of the diet. Most people that write about fasting are vegetarians. Vegetarian foods have a lot of natural sugar. The sugar makes bad to him because of his hypoglycemia. The vegetarian diet ended up ruining partially the benefits of the fasting. Now he is testing the Atkins diet because it does not have the three problems above but has the benefits of the fasting.

He read in some books that ketosis is unhealthy. So he is wondering why ketosis would be good in fasting and not in a common diet.

In my opinion, the lower carbohydrate diet works great too. It also keeps our blood sugar stable. You don’t need to get rid of all carbohydrates. You need them for your body to function. Even Atkins doesn’t suggest that you go that low for very long. Eat vegetables, except for corn, peas and squash because they are higher in carbohydrates.

You still need to eat carbohydrates but in lower amounts than most people do. Remember, food is not your enemy, it feeds your body.


Source by Angie Lindsey

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