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  1. It's interesting that you don't have the focus energy to prepare foods… and in your next video you don't even want to keep track of your macros… that doesn't sound like mental clarity and energy to me. I mean I could understand if you were keeping track of macros and micro-managing your foods for 4 to 6 months and then get kind of burnt out on it, but I am guessing that you are struggling with energy levels. Ketogenic diet is not forgiving at all… you're either in ketosis or you're not. And all it takes is one slip and going over 20grams of carbs, or 30grams and the body immediately switches over to burning glucose and it will take another 3 to how many ever days to get back into it. And when you do break ketosis, and often, then you're essentially messing up the metabolism… and energy levels will plummet'.

  2. You are totally rock out my favorite color in your hair. I know I'm on the keto right now. Yeah it is work of Art hehehe…But I do feel very good. I don't like the craziness of it all too. But I will be continuing though out this month too just to see how if feel overall…
    Hope all goes well on your trip though.
    Yes I love, love, love, the fat! I feel so Awesome!

  3. Hey! Good to hear from you! We have a keto group going on FB where we share about all things keto… would love to have you join in! It's all hcg vloggers that are experimenting with the keto lifestyle. I'll go ahead and add you to the group but feel free to opt out if you're not interested. ? Excited to see how it goes for you! I love your level headed approach to this whole diet thing. You are an inspiration. <3

  4. Thanks for sharing your keto experience with us. I've been struggling with whether or not I'm going to do that in P3. Just not ready to decide. I'm hearing more and more about how high fat is better for yoru brain and I KNOW I need to improve my brain. The obsessive part, that's ME all the time. I obsess all the time. 

  5. Sounds like the NK is going well for you.  Def am going to try it after this round.  I love fat (craving it so much) and don't mind low carbing it.  I need to look into this Nillicoco thing.  Have a great vacay and I'm totally loving the hair:)

  6. It's good to see your face, my friend ? and I'm feelin' ya! Tracking macros have been really hard for me. It's sometimes very hard to find some of the foods on MFP, especially when we eat out ? Since you're a mono-eater, how about trying the CocoNili round after vacay with me? Chat later… Xoxo

  7. THANKS for sharing your obsession ?  I most def AM NOT a mono eater ?  You can stay LCHF during vaca ?  What exactly is ghee…….I think I need some ?  I got some Organic Coconut Almond Butter……..YUMMY I eat it with a spoon,,,,,,,I'm like you…….I'm not restricting my calories right now (to much) I've restricted for a YEAR and a Half ?  Have Fun with Vaca :-D

  8. I can do 5 days HCG without blinking, & never feel ill, dizzy,
    poor etc. Ive done fasts before & thought dreadful.

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