Full day of eating keto. Watch this video to see what we eat on our ketogenic weight loss journeys.

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8 Replies to “Full Day of Eating Keto | Ketogenic Diet Progress | Low Carb Diet [2]”

  1. I like short videos of what people eat… I don't have too much time to sit here watching videos and some of these people who put a whole day of eating down start talking about their lives … telling us about where they're going and giving the scenes to the grocery store and blah blah blah… This video is short and allowed me to have a few ideas… Thank you

  2. OMG im so glad I found yall! Please keep posting videos and ive followed you both on social media. Im thinking about trying the cauliflower rice casserole tonight, it looked so good. Do either of you have a myfitnesspal?

  3. New Subbie!! I've been searching keto dieting and came across you guys… You two definitely gave me the "umph" I needed to go ahead and start.. Ready to see the next video!!

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