Full Day Of Low Carb Keto Diet Eating To Get Back Into Ketosis – I share what I eat in a day to help me get back into Ketosis on the Ketogenic Diet to help with weight loss and be healthy.
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7 Replies to “Full Day Of Low Carb Keto Diet Eating To Get Back Into Ketosis”

  1. It would be helpful if you post the macros/calories on the what I eat in a day videos. I know that's extra work, but it's very helpful. Thank you for the videos! Keto on!

  2. thanks for the video!!! what are your macros?? I just had to drop my cals down because I wasn't losing sooo i redid the keto calculator and was basically in maintenance phase lol

  3. Another excellent video.  I wanted to suggest a couple of things for you to enjoy, if you'd like:
    1.) Crack your eggs in individual ramekins (if there's one that's bad, cloudy or had been inadvertently fertilized, you'll not contaminate your other eggs' albumen)…also, nothing is better to pick out those errant shell bits than one of the eggs shells…weird, but true.
    2.) Try frying your sunny-side-up eggs in a teaspoon of chicken schmaltz (roasted chicken drippings you've reserved and kept in your 'fridge).
    3.) After adding the eggs quickly to your hot browned butter, oil or chicken schmaltz, cover the pan with a clear glass lid for faster, even cooking.  Don't try to separate them until the whites have fully set or you may tear the yolk's membrane, too).
    4.) Saute your fresh spinach in a teaspoon of pan-seared or roasted beef, pork, chicken or lamb drippings for a more powerful savory punch.  (Great also for sautéing mushrooms!)
    My kids and I adore pan-seared chicken livers (careful…they POP) with our fried eggs as the yolks create a golden "sauce".
    5.) Combine 1/2 of an avocado (mashed) with 2 strips of crumbled bacon, garlic salt, ground, black pepper, turmeric, onion powder and either 2 teaspoons of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of mayo or 1 tablespoon of heavy, whipping cream (double cream) for a creamy, bacon guacamole…best with romaine lettuce stalks (leaves are best for salad) or celery stalks for that much-missed "CRUNCH" in this diet.

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