Should we be eating a ketogenic diet? Is ketosis actually safe? Is a ketogenic diet good for us? Should we be eating a high protein diet? What about weight loss on a ketogenic diet? What diet is the healthiest for humans? What foods are we designed to eat? Keep listening as Dr Michael Klaper answers these questions……….

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I believe a low fat raw food vegan diet is optimal for humans however a low fat plant based diet is still a wonderful way to start improving your health, lose weight, cure diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, IBS &Crohns, migraines, etc!

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26 Replies to “Is The Ketogenic Diet & Ketosis Healthy? Dr Michael Klaper”

  1. OMG he really is opposing the keto diet just because most people use some animal fats, how narrow minded can a person be? After trying every diet modification you can imagine over the course of 30+ years to treat my reactive hypoglycemia I tried keto and it is the FIRST thing that ever really worked. Weight fell off like nothing I have ever seen before (4lbs every week), my blood sugar was completely stable for the first time in my entire life, insulin sensitivity seems to have improved, I had much more energy, and I no longer needed to eat six times a day to keep out of hypoglycemic shock. Most keto experts do not recommend living on a strict keto diet 24/7 365 instead they recommend keto cycling, and others modify it once you have reached your target weight.
    BTW there is a vegan version of the keto diet as well, I have been trying to find more information on it since I am not a devout omnivore and generally prefer plant options over animal ones.

  2. I follow a wholefood, plant based/dominant diet and also practice intermittent fasting on a daily basis. Its nothing extreme, I normally work to the 16/8hour system with a 24hour fast each weekend and it's massively improved my body, mind and life in general. Even tho I don't consume animal products I genuinely belive they can (in moderate amounts) be part of a healthy lifestyle. The problem with any and all "fad" diets is the over consumption of one of the 3 main food groups and completely cutting out another, none of these routes will lead to health and longevity. A clean balance across the board is surely the way forward, nature knows best.

  3. Another doctor who knows nothing about nutrition. How is it not natural when humans lived in ketosis probably through the entire ice age and every winter for 99.9% of our history? Humans didn't eat primarily carbs like we do today, it would have been impossible.

    And why would he assume all ketoers eat meat? Does he even know what this diet is?

  4. I think he is talking about atkins diet. modern ketone diet focuses more on greens than meat. Fly your greens in butter, olive oil or coconut combined with some meat or eggs is perfect.

  5. The whole point of the video was that carbohydrates yield co2 and water and BOTH of them are easily discarded one by exhale,the other by urination.Perfectly fine basic biochemistry that many people forget.Like it or not you crazy keto fans out there etc we WERE BUILT FOR CARBOHYDRATES.Of course not dougnuts i'm talking about the really quality carbohydrate foods.Of course protein is extremely essential (and we can take all the aminow from plant foods,as the efas).

  6. He says ketosis is an unhealthy state and causes the body to become more acidic but he works at a clinic that puts people into that state by fasting them for extended periods of time. Not only that but the level of ketosis achieved by fasting is even deeper than that achieved on a ketogenic diet because the level of ketones in the blood is higher, therefore when fasting the blood is even more acidic. Hmm…

  7. Omg, I tried the Zone diet too. Just couldn't maintain it. I felt so crappy after awhile and also missed THE CARBS!! I love being a raw whole plant based vegan and I'm going on my 3rd year doing it! : )

  8. back in the day when the zone diet came out, i tried it and couldn't do it. dr. klaper is so correct when he says that you just can't maintain a ketogenic diet! the meat and dairy ends up tasting terrible, and you get these intense cravings for carbs. vegan is way easier to maintain.

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