Furious Pete Is Using A Ketogenic Diet To Keep His Cancer In Remission! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kx6hqWn6Mc
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43 Replies to “Jason, How Do Ketogenic Diets Fight Cancer Cells?”

  1. Two questions, doesn't a keto diet harm the kidneys if you are coming from a vegan or low protein diet? Also, animal protein increases IGF1 in your body which I thought isn't good if you are trying to avoid GROWTH in your body and cancer is a growth.

  2. Jason, Is there a Proposed Mechanism for the improvement to Alzheimers Patients? Just curious—Is your knowledge of Organic Chemistry detailed enough that you can actually picture the Molecules Interacting in 3-D or do you simply study Statistical Data? {And if you do, I'm on implying that there's something amiss…}

    1. Jason Blaha knowledge is only as detailed as a 5 minute Google search can be. He has zero academic credentials, he doesn’t have a degree in anything and he has never worked in these fields either, basically he’s a complete fraud who just googles his facts and mostly gets them wrong anyway since he doesn’t know how to properly interpret scientific studies.

  3. If you're starting ketogenic diet, just remember that you're giving up 99% of shit they sell in market, like 100% of shit they pay millions of dollars to advertise ? sure its going to piss off and intimidate industrialists and pharmacists because they know once you get kickass results from ketogenic, you're going to preach it to your family and friends and it will hurt their business. Egg yolk is the best multi-vitamin out there, sure they'll tell you to throw away egg yolk and eat only whites, coz eating only whites will drain your B group vitamins and then you'll turn over to your local drug store and buy stupid multi-vitamin pills. I started ketogenic diet like a month ago, its like some doctor is coming every night while I'm asleep, and slowly performing surgery and taking my fat away. Eat eggs, beef, ghee, cashews, chicken. 70% fats, 20% protein and 10% carbs, undercut your maintenance calories by 500 for a month, viola… Transformation My Friend !

  4. Cancer cells often have mtDNA mutations that cause dysfunction in their TCA cycles and electron transport chains.
    Mitochondria are needed to oxidize fatty acids as well as convert ketogenic amino acids into ketone bodies. Moreover, mitochondria are needed for most gluconeogenic substrates, therefore, ketogenic diets provide far less efficient energy sources for cancer cells.

    Aerobic glycolysis and the pentose phosphate pathway are generally favored by cancer cells to permit the rapid growth needed for oncogenesis. They, however, typically do not rely on oxidative phosphorylation (mitochondrial metabolism) for ATP synthesis. Therefore, they are less efficient at using fatty acids and ketone bodies for energy and growth.

    "Mitochondrial depletion, a hallmark of cancer initiation and malignant development, is characterized by a wide range of mtDNA deletions [49, 50]."

    "The most differentially expressed mitochondrial proteins between normal and cancerous cells included cytochrome oxidase subunit 5B, malate dehydrogenase, and elongation factor Tu."

  5. It would be good if you could make a video on a plant based Ketogenic Diet. There is a video (just one of many) on the channel "Cory McCarthy" which speaks of it's benefits vs high carbohydrate. The title is "The Truth About Low-Fat Diets!". It is just one video but it has a few decent sources in the description to get the ball rolling. You've always been concerned with the potential health issues of a ketogenic diet but the vegan alternative offers some health benefits that the meat based one does not.

    You're also not killing things and you're not contributing to the environmental damage of animal agriculture. Imagine that.

  6. I did keto last year when I was cutting, I weighed 93 kg and using keto I lost 25 kg extremely fast, my hdl went up too which was a nice suprise, towards the end of the diet I found my ldl-c went up a little which was worrying lol

  7. atkins diet creator died fat. how is the keto suppose to be healthy? its the same fucking diet, shitty lifestyle thousands died following that fool.. CTFU HTFU do your research

  8. just correcting something you said about lowering all insulin sensitivity … in regards to weight training. weight training make muscles MORE sensitive to carbohydrates than normal, so that any carbs eaten would transport straight to muscle and bypass cancer cells…

  9. Hey Jason, what training do you recommend for someone who's getting immense knee pain by activating his quads (yes, even from just standing up / sitting down)?
    Doctor's said I just inherited "bad knee joints" and basically can't train anything anymore. :(

  10. Jason what do you think about supplementing with Cissus? Been having some tendonitis like pain for a long time now and seeing these videos where people are claiming it's magic and it fixed their problem.

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