So this method is like the VIP pass at disney world but for ketosis, it gets you into it fast!

Really handy for anyone who just had a massive cheat meal or is on a CKD diet or is starting the diet for the first time.

i’ve used this a few times and i used it the first time i ever went into ketosis

first things first stop eating at 6:00 PM
next day workout on empty stomach (hard work)
0-2% of your calories should be carbs this day
next day workout on empty stomach (medium work)
3-5% of your calories should be carbs (maximum 25g/100 calories)

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18 Replies to “KETO 101 | MY QUICK WAY INTO KETOSIS”

  1. this looks like one step further than intermittent fasting (the way I do it for that matter) I just stop eating after 18:00 during the week week and drink gunpowder thee wich helps to burn fat ,i'll think I give this I try thanks for the inspiration !

  2. The breath and metal thing is Acetone, one of the 3 ketones. Both the ketone pee sticks and the breath test (The actual ketone breath meter) do not prove that you are in ketosis. Rather, they show that the body is burning fat and turning fat into ketones but the body is not yet utilising them for energy, this is the early "pre adapted" stage.
    Once fully adapted pee sticks should show as negative. The only way to test is blood, showing over 0.5 mmol.

  3. What I do is Intermittent Fasting all day, and compile my entire days macros into my last meal. I'll sip on an intra workout BCAA if I have a hunger craving, or nom some pork rinds.

  4. i somewhat just started a keto diet. my question is how do you know that you are in ketosis? also do you have a refeed or cheat day of some sort?

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