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Latest in the BeerBiceps keto recipes playlist, is this delicious and super simple KETO FRIENDLY stuffed chicken recipe. I’ve used organic bacon in this case, which unlike its processed cousin, IS okay for a ketogenic diet.

Since this is a recipe meant for the ketogenic diet, I can actually afford the generous amount of fat i’ve used here. but feel free to just grill the chicken on a non-stick or an oven WITHOUT any oil if you wanna save up on calories. This Bacon Stuffed Chicken Recipe is a great chicken variant for someone whose main goal is weight loss.
The keto diet is the best fat loss diet in the world. And this stuffed chicken recipe is suited best for anyone on the diet. Enjoy guys! Chicken recipes have never been more delicious. This is one of my all time favourite keto friendly snacks. You could even call this a keto fried chicken. Perfect for anyone on a keto diet!


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36 Replies to “Keto Chicken Breast Pockets with Bacon – BeerBiceps Ketogenic diet recipes”

  1. Bro, where can I source organic bacon in mumbai? tbh i've never cooked bacon at home, only had it in pepperoni pizza and in outings.. so that would be really helpful to know as an amateur cook. Thanks in advance!

  2. @beerbiceps: cheese slice from britannia has 4gms of carbs per 100 gms.. One slice is 21 gms approx that means when if i take a slice per day it comes out to be 0.8 gms.. Which is fine if i am on keto.. Right?

  3. First off, I wanna say thank you, because you've really helped me out in starting out with the ketogenic diet. But really what I wanted to ask is what is the name of that oven you used. It looks portable. Wanted to see if I could get my hands on one of those.

    Thank you and cheers from California!

  4. Nice recipe/video! Just an fyi, what you did when you rolled and sliced the spinach is called a "chiffonade." Looking forward to more of your videos!

  5. I've been looking to try Keto for a while now, starting next week and i'm preparing, and you said that getting some protein shakes in after workout and maybe in the morning is a good idea. i found some Casein protein with 24 gram protein per serving and 3 gram of carbs, thought it was a lot of carbs if i'm having 2 ,that is 6/20 carbs of the day in just that. so i found something called egg protein powder which is 19.1 gram protein per and serving and only 0.33 grams of carbs, would you recommend this instead of casein? i just seem more reasonable since then i can cash in on more greens when it comes to the carb limit ?
    Keep up the great work, cheers from Norway :D

  6. So many people out there say cheese is okay. The sharp cheddar I buy says 0% carbs per 1 ounce. I feel like eliminating it from my diet after hearing the conflicting information from other keto people. What do you think Beer Biceps?

  7. Hi Ranveer..I must tell u that u r doing a great job.. wanted ur help.. I Workout 6am in the morning..due to busy schedule..however I have noticed that lifting heavy weights becomes difficult as compared to evening..wat is best thing to have before 30 mins of Workout and can I add BCAA during my workout..which will help in lifting heavy weights n prevent loss of muscle..pls help

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