Vegan protein berry smoothie keto diet recipe. A high protein cruelty-free smoothie designed to help preserve and build muscle mass while losing weight on a ketogenic diet.

Each vegan protein berry smoothie contains 336 calories, 5.3g fat, 13.7g protein, and 10.4g carbs. Burn fat, not carbs, and lose weight fast.

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15 Replies to “Keto Diet Recipe – Vegan Protein Berry Smoothie | Keto Babe Rocks”

  1. You should have been the one who died from cancer. Not Jennifer. Ya fuckin scum dog, my goons will see you soon for your putrid words about Jennifer and her 'scam'.

  2. Why were u gone for so long? YouTube needed you… everyone else is too much of a coward to say anything and/or they don't have a lot of information…! I can't stand the fact that they've been able to travel, do fun things, meet youtube celebs etc when they don't deserve any of that! Leanne brainwashes people!! Durianrider tells women what to do with their bodies! They helped Vegan Gains, a complete psycho become famous! Guys are getting vasectomies that they will later regret! Young women are being taken advantage of in their fruit cult! Are they even vegans, I highly doubt it! Girls develop orthorexia, bulimia etc!

  3. Sandra what happened to Bustin Liars? Please post. You don't deserve your channel being removed. Wtf is You tube doing? Punishing good people and rewarding crooks? Keep your head up every knows you are in the right!

  4. Hey keto babe ive recently started watching u from watching ure freelee bj höre vids fucking hilarious btw could u make a vid of o basic keto meal plan or link me to one thanks

  5. I started Weight Loss Green Store Tea product Tea three weeks ago and I have come down in weight in that time, I am feeling a lot slimmer and excited to see how much more weight I can lose over the next couple of months. There are a lot ways to reduce your weight you just need to find the method that works for you. I have definitely found mine!!

  6. Are you vegan now? If you are, thats great! Even though I'm not ketogenic vegan, I think its great to do ketogenic vegan if it works for someone's body. I usually dont make low carb vegan recipes but I like trying new things so I think I'll try out some of your vegan keto recipes. I think that there needs to be a variety of vegan food. Not just high carb low fat foods, but also higher fat and protein vegan foods for people who enjoy higher fat and protein foods. This smoothie looks great. Thanks for sharing ? And btw, I love the videos you made about Freelee in the past. They always made me laugh :D

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