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Vegetarian Keto :

Ingredients :-
1)400g Paneer
2)4 Tbsp Ghee
3)3 cloves of garlic
4)Thumb sized piece of ginger
5)Handful of coriander leaves
6)handful of mint leaves
7)4-5 Cashews (optional)
8)1-2 Tbsp Besan (gram flour) (Optional)
9)1 Tbsp Cumin (jeera)
10)1 Tbsp Kasuri Methi

You wanted it, you got it. Bringing you the latest Keto recipe from the BeerBiceps cookbook – Vegetarian Keto friendly PANEER HARIYALI TIKKA.
Keto diet meal plans in india, for the indian vegetarian are unfortunately limited to just malai paneer. And its my job to Amp up the flavours and oomph factor of it with great PUNJABI style cooking. This paneer hariyali tikka is one of the best options if you’re going for a vegetarian ketogenic diet. this keto paneer recipe WILL become your go to. if you like it, and if you want more keto paneer recipes, make sure you hit the thumbs up button. Keto paneer is where its at, boys and girls. The veg keto diet has never been THIS delicious. Hope you enjoy the latest in the BeerBiceps vegetarian keto playlist!


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30 Replies to “KETO Paneer Recipe – Paneer Hariyali Tikka – BeerBiceps Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet”

  1. Funny to see lame people playing with biochemistry.. U can still eat take 100 gm of carbohydrates and still b in keto". U must be kidding. Moment ur insulin is out it cuts out lipolysis. Period

  2. Hey ranveer, can you do two separate videos on improving core strength and exercising with weak knees. I feel that working out for over a year I've made my knees weaker and prone to chronic pain and injury. Can you suggest ways to pacify it and avoid future injuries? Thanks!

  3. Hi Ranveer Bro,
    Thanks a lot for the video, its yummy. i will try. As per your last video i have started my Veg Keto. Today is my 14th day. My Carb in day is 25 g ( i m trying for 20 g but its going to 25 ). Initially i lost 4 KG but now i m not seeing any growth. So can u pls suggest me what should i do to increase my progress of FAT loss. My Body Calorie need is around 2000 and my daily intake is 1500 . Daily i m eating- 1 spoon Protein powder, 6 eggs, 50 Grams Ghee, 100 gram Panner. 20 grams of Walnut or Almond, 50 g onion and 50 g Capsicum. Need your help bro, please suggest. Till now i have not taken my Reefed day, planning to take tomorrow.
    Thanks a lot. Waiting for your expert suggestions :)

  4. friend……can you suggest some day to day life high protein stuff , the stuff we dont neet to cook. Bcoz i am a hostel guy and i dont have any cooking facility available. there are lots of guys like me who are facing this problem. so please suggest some stuff which is avaliable in Indian supermarket…that would be great ….. thanks

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