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32 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet | Breakfast & Post Workout Shake”

  1. What do you think about albumin on the keto diet? Sometimes I am not hungry to eat too much protein… I started keto 9 months ago (pre diabetes reverted yet)… I think I am eating very little, I am thin yet… so I want to find some strategy to gain some muscular mass. Thank you for the excelent knowledge.

  2. I love your videos they are very informative… May I offer a little advice? do not crack your eggs on the same dish that you are cracking them into…

    salmonella only lives on the outside of a raw egg if you crack the egg on the countertop and then open it into the bowl…. even if salmonella was present on the eggshell the likelihood that you will get it into your food has now been minimized.

    I'm sure your eggs probably do not have salmonella but it's an old trick that cooks use… And it can't hurt to practice caution LOL

  3. Jason I eat three eggs with three bacons every day and then I wait 30 minutes then drink one cup of green tea can you please answer and tell me if am doing this right to me I am but your the professional

  4. Hey Jason, first off – you are the man. Your training philosophies and general intel are top notch – you have an invaluable resource of knowledge, very appreciative of your videos.

    Question: I've been battling with this theory thats saying the only time that is needed to spike insulin is immediately after training for the following reasons:
    1. It is the most anabolic hormone we have in the body, and spiking after training will aid growth and not gain fat
    2. Prevents the presence of cortisol which tends to occur after training
    3. Quickly replenishes the depleted glycogen stores so that the body doesn't go into hunger mode and stops fat burning.

    If you can help me out brother as im confused on what i should be doing post workout and when i should time having carbs.

  5. what no bacon? lol jk. hvae you ever tried taco salads? They're my go to's. You should try it – season your beef(grass-fed) with taco seasoning, adding lettuce,1 Tbls salsa, sour cream, & shredded cheese. Avacodo is optional.
    You're out there; and I'm not. Share the info — We are a community.

  6. Does the brewed coffee have to be cold before adding the butter and oil and blending? Because I tried it with hot coffee and the oil just melted and simply created those bubbles from the oil not mixing with the water.

  7. just for interrests sake, himalayan pink salt is mined from the himalayan mountains in pakistan. then, All salt is from the sea… yes all salt is from the sea. its just a matter of how long its been sun dried – recently, thousands of years, millions of years. but all salt is NaCl sodium chloride… I enjoy your videos, great info, doing keto myself.

  8. Good shite Jason! Thanks for the goldmine of information on your channel.

    I'm a new Fitness YouTuber with my channel MUSCLE & MANHOOD and have implemented IF to great effect since summer.

    I have done paleo and primal cycling periodically and normally float around 15% bodyfat 200 lbs, I'm 5' 9"and 100% natty.

    I now want to see the health and aesthetic benefits of keto cycling which is why I subbed your channel.

    I currently don't use any supplements but I'm thinking of adding protein. Will rice protein be an acceptable alternative to the mix you use and the casein? I wanna stay away from dairy if I can. Dairy and casein seems to have an adverse reaction to my skin.

    Thanks in advance for addressing my question!


  9. Enjoying your videos, but I have to comment on your opinion concerning fasted workouts. For me, it's not about burning the fat, it's about increasing your growth hormones by not eating for a certain period of time, regardless of whether or not you are in ketosis; regardless if you work out.

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