You might have heard the term “brain food” used to describe food that’s good for you. Doctors at Mayo Clinic say there really is a diet that benefits the brain. But this diet is not for everybody. It’s for kids who have epilepsy, and it’s based on extremely high fats and very few carbs. More on how the ketogenic diet is helping some kids with epilepsy become seizure free.


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  1. Few years ago I watched a true story about a boy who had Epilepsy and later on tried this Ketogenic Diet and became seizures free.Please could anyone knows the name of the movie? please let me know.Thanks

  2. If they get her, GRADUALLY, into CONSISTENT SPORTS/CONDITIONING PROGRAMS, AND MONiTOR what her plateau (enough, but not too much), she will likely not suffer ill results, from high fat. Exercise, & not diet, is 75% of health, as long as you get nutrients you need, is okay to get extra.

  3. The diet works because it allows a different fuel source to be used instead of fixing glucose metabolism, which can be done. My girlfriend had seizures for 25 years that are gone now, and it certainly didn't require some barbaric keto diet. 

  4. I watched a Lifetime movie about this. It made me cry, it was so touching. Food has a lot to do with our health and we forget that sometimes. My son has O.D.D. and Aspergers and I would love to try this diet on him to see if it would work at all. I know when I am eating high protein, high fat, like on the Atkins diet, it made me feel so calm and relaxed in my brain. I have been on a raw food diet for a year and do not feel the same way, but feel it is healthier. It's amazing what food can do.

  5. My daughter began this diet at age 1 with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN as well. It has been our miracle. She was seizure free for 12 months with one relaspe because the diet was off a bit for a few weeks, she is back on track without seizures again. We are so thankful. Our daughter was a ragdoll on all the various medications they tried. Within 24 hours of being on this diet, she rolled over for the first time at age 1!! IShe now can almost crawl and makes many sounds.

  6. …not to mention the amazing healing in the gut this diet provides. That includes a bunch of "incurable" allergies and food sensitivities I've gotten rid of! Thanks so much for sharing this video keep spreading the word!

  7. My niece has epilepsy and meds werent working at all with her-she was having several seizures a day that required hospitalizations due to their severity!!! Meds were like water for her-until the Ketogenic diet!! Then she started Living!! Together w/meds it's working!! Her seizures are under control now-she's stable and doing great for a 4 yr old!!-She's had seizures since she was 5 mos old! Ketogenic Diet Changed her life!!

  8. I do a ketogenic diet for many reasons, here are some things that are real important for ME, in making this diet effective. 1. High level of ketones 2. Restrict carbs to very low levels, less than 20g. 3. Restrict protein levels to body requirements 4. Restrict fluid intake, this will increase ketone concentration. 5. Eat a SLIGHTLY subcaloric diet. 6. I eat a large percentage of calories from fat, about 70%.

    I use MCT's, (coconut oil) occasionaly, but that stuff is rough on the gut.

  9. Some of things I have observed while following a high fat/low carb diet: The higher the ketosis (within reason, I am non diabetic so dka is not a problem)=the better I feel, less hunger, better sense of well being, more energy, less cravings, to name a few. I have heard people say that if they are in ketosis, the level does not matter, that is definitely NOT the case for me. The ketogenic diet for me is hard at first, it takes me about 3 weeks just to feel normal. I also limit water & protein.

  10. Problem with digestion and/or excreting can cause higher level of Bilirubin which then stores itself in fat, affect nerves and create itchiness under the skin. The brain is also made of fat. The blood brain barrier in children is not fully developed allowing Bilirubin into the brain which affects the membranes of the Neurons therefore creating seizures. Ketone from a high fat diet restores the membranes of the neurons therefore protecting against seizure. A good diet here helps in 2 ways.

  11. No medication worked for my son. He suffered from a seizure a minute most of the time. He has been virtually seizure free since being on the Ketogenic Diet for over a year and a half. What an amazing thing.

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