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14 Replies to “Ketogenic Diet Week 69 & 70 Update – Keto Weight Loss”

  1. hi Susan I love your channel. I've been following keto on and off for a while and it's when I've felt the best. I started incorporating weights and I love the definition that it's given my body. have you thought of doing weight training?

  2. Wow just found you today! I've just started this keto eating three days ago. Can you tell me what is your best source of information on the web. ?? I still have so many questions.

  3. I'm looking for your video where you discuss your blood work/cholestoral results. Which one is that information in? Thanks for posting videos! I love seeing your results. Im new to keto and interested in blood levels at your success level

  4. i wonder if you have thought about, or actually do, the intermittent fasting as supported by many good doctors (who like keto) like dr. fung, eric burg, etc.? i tried it and lost an additional 17 lbs. i was leery and afraid it would be hard, but to my surprise found it easy and invigorating. i started out 3 days a week only with just 16 hours between my evening meal and next day lunch, skipping breakfast. i worked my way up to 2-3 times a week with 24 fast. i know that would be more difficult with a husband and child, but you might consider it as a back up. i love it.

  5. I hope you feel better soon! Every year my husband, daughter and I do The Color Run. it's important to us, being obese parents, that we teach our daughter to get out and be active and eat right. We also do the Aut2Run as well.

    Another cool fitness thing I stumbled on recently was "Moms in Motion" they form local groups all over California (possibly other states too) They're on Facebook. Anyone can find their fb groups. So if you're interested in doing more runs, that's one of the main things the train for :-)

  6. great video. thanks for your statement about not having to be perfect on it and having to adjust cuz that's where I'm at right now lost almost 40 pounds and now I'm at the stage where I know I'm going to do low-carb high-fat forever but I don't want to track forever either.

  7. Super Motivating Story. I totally agree with you on enjoying life and being able to live with out having to weigh everything you eat and worry about every meal. Intermittent fasting has brought me a lot of extra freedom with time and simplicity. Eating from noon to 8pm has been a blessing for my lifestyle and Schedule.

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