We hear about so many approaches to dieting and losing weight, it is quite easy to become bogged down with choice before we even begin one of them.

It is a common sense idea to check out as many of them as possible to get a better overview, since they are all waving their tales at us begging to be the one that will turn it all around as the diet for the new year and the new life that you have been dreaming of for so long.

One particular diet that still seems to be almost as prevalent today as it was when it first exploded onto the scene some years ago, is the low carb diet.

I wont mention any names here but I'm guessing you already know the one in question.
People who tried it have had good solid results and fairly quickly but the diet was quite an extreme step and for most people, most western people to be more precise, the negation of carbs is fairly harsh. We have been brought up on carbohydrates, mainly refined ones to be exact and to suddenly drop a major food group from our diets is a shock. We all love our comfort snacks and lets face it, a leg of roast chicken or a six egg omelette does not really appeal quite the same as a box of oreo cookies when your curled up on the couch at close to midnight.

Essential carbohydrates ??

Carbohydrates are what fuel our bodies, they make them move, they supply energy?
Right? Only partially, our bodies are primarily designed to run on fat and protein. I might be
wrong about this but forgetting the small amount of time modernized processed foods have
been around compared to the other thousands of years that man has had to get on with it. I heard a rumour that bread and pasta were not that abundant. They may have been a few berries if your typical cro magnon man fancied a sugary treat but by and large meat and fat were the order of the day? Just a wild musing, never mind, moving on.

What am I getting at here with all this?

Well, in a nut shell, most of us rely on carbohydrates to fuel our bodies but in truth our bodies genuinely can do without them, unlike oxygen or water, carbohydrates are not fundamentally essential to our survival.

There are however certain side effects that you may experience when partaking.


Source by Dave Patrick

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