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  1. Awesome stuff Jason tell what been back on keto for about almost 2 months so many great resaults it's funny now when I do have my 1 carb day I get crazy headaches guess it's my body getting confused since it runs on fats now

  2. Wow. This guy is spot on with everything I have researched and hypothesized from a physiological perspective. This was a great interview man. Enjoy Florida! I miss it since I moved to DC. Stay hungry sir and keep the videos coming!

  3. Ok so I know fat doesn't make you fat . But if you are doing 20 net carbs a day and you eat as much fat as you want with moderate protein , why is the weight not coming off ? I'm over 40 with type 2 diabetes and have had success with iifym but gained weight back. I can't get it out of my head that I need a defecit to loose weight .

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