I’ve done both a caloric deficit style diet for cutting, as well as a keto diet for cutting. Today, BeerBiceps brings you an honest review of my OWN EXPERIENCE with the Ketogenic diet for bodybuilding and weight loss.

Keto diet before and after – there’s a HUGE change. I dropped 8kgs in around 40 days of dieting using a keto diet meal plan. Whether you want to undergo fat loss to lose weight or you want to get shredded, ripped or cut for a bodybuilding based goal – this should eb your go to diet plan.

This ketogenic diet before and after experience is the closest thing i can get you to a ketogenic diet documentary. Honest Keto experience including diet plan, gym related experience, the psychological aspect of keto & refeed days. Here it is ?


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48 Replies to “My KETO Experience – Mistakes & Advice – Weight Loss & Bodybuilding Ketogenic Diet”

  1. hii …मैंने आपका विडियो देखा किटोजेनिक डाइट का…।।। पिछले 4 सालोंसे मुझे टाइप 1 डाईबेटिक है।।। और में डेली 4 बार इंसुलिन लेता हूं।।। insuline R 10-10-10 and glargine basugine 0-0-18…में सुबह 9 बजे 1 बजे और रातको 10 बजे इंसुलिन लेता हूं।।।।ग्लार्गिने रातको 11 बजे लेता हूं।।।मेरी बॉडी इंसुलिन को रेजिस्ट कर रही है।।।।मैंने गूगल पे पढ़ा था कि टाइप1 डायबिटिक मरीज कीटो डाइट फॉलो कर सकता है।।। प्लीज़ मुझे हेल्प करे।।।में कैसे फॉलो करू कीटो डाइट।।।में डेली गयम कार्डियो और फ्लोर ट्रेनिंग करता हु।।।में सुबह 6 बजे और रातको 7 बजे जिम जाता हूं।।।सुबह जिम और रातको कार्डियो करता हु।।।।प्लीज़ मुझे हेल्प करे।।।। मेरा वजन 70 किलो है।।।और मेरी उम्र 23 साल है।।।प्लीज़ हेल्प करे।।।।रिप्लाई

  2. plz tell me which supplements to use during keto diet other thn whey protein…i want to do it for 30-40 days…jst want to drop around 3-4kgs of pure fat..plz rpply as soon as possible!

  3. Thankyou so much for this video! Im going in the process of getting my body to go into keto. Waiting for those glycogen stores to burn out and was slightly hesitant about it but ur video put me right back on track!

  4. hey i just watched around 20 of your videos today, and they are quite good, kudos to you. I wanted to know that once you are off keto diet(45 days approx) how should you proceed with the regular diet ?

  5. In your other video you said one should take refeed day once in between 14 to 20 days.. I am 90 kgs with very hight fat %.what will be an optimum refeed day cycle.. Please reply :)

  6. Bravo! One of the better keto diet how-tos. Lots of good info. One thing i like is the info on calories. I just wish i could find a video telling how far below maintenance calories i can take my fat calories before i start to go catabolic.

  7. Hey… buddy i am in keto diet… and for the refeed day i have stretched till 14 days.. i am thinking of having 1 chicken burger is it ok or should i stick to brown rice and oats?

  8. can you please explain something: you say be on this diet for 3 months? why is that? is that how long it takes to become keto adapted? what happens when you stop after 3 months?

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