Rich Piana’s – 5% Nutrition keto diet meal plan unboxing

Just received my 5% nutrition keto diet meal plan. Will post another review after I have had a chance to try all the meals but they look good!


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  1. Don Key

    Hmm about 30 minutes to put chicken in the oven, boil noodles (pasta, whatever), and heat up a steamer bag of vegetables.

    20 minutes to make rice, ground beef, add siracha sauce, heat up a side of beans, and presto more meals for a quarter of the cost.

  2. snatale1

    Not really Keto but the amount of food you get is impressive. I've noticed on Rich's other videos when Rich talks about Keto and goes into things that it seems he doesn't quite get it, these meals back that up.

  3. IB Fit

    Keto isn't something you typically just do for 6 weeks. Also, I'm not sure where all these dumb fucks are seeing all these carbs in all of these meals. People see the word pasta and automatically think noodles. Everything is vegetable based to substitute for carbs and are low carbs vegetables. People that don't do keto criticising someone else that don't do keto lmao

  4. Andrew Major

    I'm doing the bodybuilder lifestyle. No complaints at all. Tomorrow will be my 4th delivery. Very happy with the quality of food because it's legit homemade food. I like that it's loaded with protein and carbs with moderate fat. yeah, it's a little pricey but to be honest it's no more then I'd spend at the store per week. Saves a lot of time and energy and I have not going to the store and cooking anymore. I would recommend 5% nutrition meals to anyone. I just eat my oats in the morning and have a couple shakes a day and snack here and there.

  5. LJ

    His keto meals are too high in carbs and too low in fats. In other words, they're not keto – which doesn't surprise me because Rich doesn't know how the keto diet works. He thinks that he can eat a tub of Ben and Jerry's at night and wake up in ketosis.

  6. kobzster06

    Good review Ryan.

    I am group A, and I got my shipment on Tuesday from Florida so that was nice. I know some may not like the 50 dollar shipping fee, but it does cost a lot of money to ship a heavy box across the country in my case.

    I ordered the bodybuilding lifestyle meal, but want to try the keto soon.

  7. Samantha higg

    Great I loved Weight Loss Idealiss , the first day it upset my stomach a little but I think that is because I was not use to how much caffeine that this product has. But overall I loved this product.

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