Keto Dieting Explained | Dietitian Talk

Keto dieting explained in this weeks dietitian talk. The pros and cons to keto dieting and keto dieting for weight loss. Subscribe for that Fit life Keto dieting is becoming more and more popular. As a dietitian I have never recommended a keto diet to anyone nor have I […]

Your Body On Ketones| What is Ketosis and Keto Diet

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing the ketosis diet as a replacement for medicine or treatment of any illness. For Ketones: For Training: Ketones are naturally occuring in the body when your body depletes from Carb stores known as glucose or Glycogen. For the scientific research: source

Keto Diet (plant-based) Week #1 – Weight Loss!

Join me in walking through my first week doing a plant-based ketogenic diet. In this video I talk about how I got started, my adaptation symptoms, the benefits, my personal weight loss and much more! I filmed this video on May 15, 2016 but did not decide to upload it […]