Atkins Induction Acceptable Foods – The Good, The Bad

and the Pork Rinds… I go over the Acceptable Foods for Atkins Induction and Extended Induction phase and personal advice on how to have a successful Induction phase. Having a successful Induction phase of Atkins is so much more than just losing weight. It is about getting your eating under […]


Want to learn how to get the most optimal results out of life? Follow me on my journey as The Hungarian Experiment where I show you how I implement my year long experiments into my day-to-day life. In this video I discuss the difference between reaching a state of Ketosis […]

Ketogenic Diets: Do They Cause Insulin Resistance?

Ketogenic diets have been popular for decades for weightloss and for various other treatments. Find out if there are alternatives that work just as good and if there are any downsides to keto diets. What is a Keto Diet: What is the Ketogenic Diet? A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide Sweeney: […]

What I Ate on Keto Wednesday – October 7 | Ketogenic Diet | Low Carb, High Fat

Here’s what I ate today! Perfect macro day – 75% Fat, 20% Protein, 5% Carbs. ? I’m all about low carbs and sugar free! I created this channel to help me stick to that lifestyle. Low carb, high fat, ketogenic diet. MyFitnessPal: GabiSmurf Instagram: ketogabi Reddit: KetoGabi Periscope: GabiSmurf source