30 DAYS OF 23 HOURS Intermittent Fasting (23/1) + Ketogenic Diet

Hey guys! Here’s a quick update! I’ve been enjoying my vacation here in North Carolina, but I wanted to update on what I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks or so. BLOG POST: http://ketogenicmom.com/30-days-intermittent-fasting/ Feel free to subscribe to support me and to get updates when I upload a […]

My Story. What is KETO and why am I doing it?!?!?

Dr. Brandy Mychals: www.bodylovecafe.com Stephanie Keto Person: Search on YouTube In this video I’ll explain a little bit about what the Ketogenic Diet is, how it works, and why I’ve adopted it to help me be the best version of myself possible in health, fitness training and lifestyle. I talk […]

Ketogenic Diet – Week 20 – Before and After Pictures

Hi everyone! Wow it’s been a while! I actually shot this video last week but finally had the chance to upload it. Haha.. I got a little busy again but I hope I can do videos more often! I also added shots of my before and after photos – honestly, […]