Keto Chicken Breast Pockets with Bacon – BeerBiceps Ketogenic diet recipes

Follow my fitness journey : The Ketogenic diet : Latest in the BeerBiceps keto recipes playlist, is this delicious and super simple KETO FRIENDLY stuffed chicken recipe. I’ve used organic bacon in this case, which unlike its processed cousin, IS okay for a ketogenic diet. Since this is […]

Keto Paneer Recipe – Paneer Methi Malai | BeerBiceps Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet

INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps SNAPCHAT : ranveer.1693 Vegetarian Keto : Ingredients :- 1)400g Paneer 2)1 Bunch Methi Leaves 3)1 Tsp heeng 4)1 Tsp Black Pepper corns 5)1 Tsp Cumin 6)Chillies (To taste) 7)3 Tbsp Coriander leaves 8)1 cup milk 9)1 Tbsp Ginger-Garlic Paste 10)Salt (to taste) (Sorry i didn’t show […]

KETO Paneer Recipe – Paneer Hariyali Tikka – BeerBiceps Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet

INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps SNAPCHAT : ranveer.1693 Vegetarian Keto : Ingredients :- 1)400g Paneer 2)4 Tbsp Ghee 3)3 cloves of garlic 4)Thumb sized piece of ginger 5)Handful of coriander leaves 6)handful of mint leaves 7)4-5 Cashews (optional) 8)1-2 Tbsp Besan (gram flour) (Optional) 9)1 Tbsp Cumin (jeera) 10)1 Tbsp Kasuri […]

All About Keto Diet / In Hindi/ BeerBiceps/How to Lose Weight Fast/ Indian Fitness Channel

Keto Diet / In Hindi/ BeerBiceps/ Fastest Weight Loss/ Indian Fitness Channel/ Lose Weight Fast Click Here to Subscribe :- Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @reshma_badi Facebook: EMAIL ID: [email protected] Subscribe to BeerBiceps: INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps SNAPCHAT : ranveer.1693 Hi Fat Kids, In case this is […]

Curry Roast Chicken – Keto Indian Chicken Recipe | BeerBiceps Ketogenic Diet

Ingredients : 1)Chicken legs with skin on 2)Salt 3)Whole pepper corns 4)Ghee Gravy :- (All ingredients according to taste. Bad Indian curries can ALWAYS be fixed with a few adjustments) 5)Chicken fat 6)Ginger-garlic paste 7)Curd/Yogurt 8)Turmeric 9)Garam Masala 10)Red Chilly Powder 11)Stevia 12)Salt 13)Pepper Latest in the BeerBiceps Indian Keto […]

Easy Lemon Chicken & Keto Greens | BeerBiceps Ketogenic Diet Recipes

Follow my journey : The Ketogenic diet : Lemon Chicken Breast :- 1) (140g) Chicken breast 2)Zest from half a lime (Nimbu) 3)Juice from half a lime 4)1 clove garlic 5)Salt 6)Pepper 7)Thyme (Optional) 8)1 Tbsp Ghee KETO Friendly greens : 1)1 cup cabbage 2)1 cup spinach 3)1 […]

My KETO Experience – Mistakes & Advice – Weight Loss & Bodybuilding Ketogenic Diet

I’ve done both a caloric deficit style diet for cutting, as well as a keto diet for cutting. Today, BeerBiceps brings you an honest review of my OWN EXPERIENCE with the Ketogenic diet for bodybuilding and weight loss. Keto diet before and after – there’s a HUGE change. I dropped […]

Keto Refeed Day 101 – Carb up to lose weight – BeerBiceps Ketogenic Diet

Follow my journey : SNAPCHAT : ranveer.1693 Lean Body Mass Calculator : Ketogenic diet refeed : When it comes to the ketogenic diet, refeed days can be a make or break situation for you. to understand the science of keto refeeds or keto carb up days better, […]

The FASTEST Weight Loss Diet – Ketogenic Diet 101 – BeerBiceps Fat Loss Advice

Follow my personal fitness journey : Snapchat : ranveer.1693 Keto Recipes : Full day of eating on KETO : My Keto experience : Keto Refeed Day 101 : Everything you need to know about the magical KETO diet. No other weight loss diet comes close […]

Detailed Diet Plan for FAST fat loss – Ketogenic Diet | BeerBiceps Keto Weight Loss

Ketogenic diet BASICS : Keto recipes : Full day of eating on a lean bulk : #BBSummer diet plan : Full day of eating on keto! Only used food items easily available in India. I honestly believe that Indian food and ketosis go together. If you’re […]