How to make Keto coffee or ketogenic coffee

How to make “keto coffee” or my own version of” Bullet Proof coffee “. Basically this is a High fat low carb creamy coffee to get in over 450 calories and tons of good fats while on the Keto diet. You need high fat to stay in ketosis and this […]

Easiest Diet Ever – Ketogenic Diet Meals & Weight Loss Week 2

FoolyLiving: FoolyCooked: Ketogenic Low Carb Meals Week 1: Juice Fasting Results: Juicing Mom & Baby: Remembering Christina: 10 Foods to NEVER Eat: Walktober Funny Baby: BEST STEVIA: MAYO RECIPE: COCOA ROASTED ALMONDS: PURE VANILLA EXTRACT RECIPE: CURRY CHICKEN RECIPE: […]

What I Ate Today Vlog ll Part 3: Ketogenic Diet Breakfast (Keto Coffee)

I walk you through my breakfast on the ketogenic diet. Please remember to like the video and subscribe, I really appreciate it if you do! Follow me everywhere else! (below) Instagram: @austinbartonfitness Twitter: @barton_fit Go check out my other videos! Ketogenic Lunch Vlog Ketogenic Dinner Vlog Is Sugar Killing Us? […]