30 DAYS OF 23 HOURS Intermittent Fasting (23/1) + Ketogenic Diet

Hey guys! Here’s a quick update! I’ve been enjoying my vacation here in North Carolina, but I wanted to update on what I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks or so. BLOG POST: http://ketogenicmom.com/30-days-intermittent-fasting/ Feel free to subscribe to support me and to get updates when I upload a […]

Keto Full Day of Eating || Day 19 || Daily Vlog

Day #19 really hit home. I felt like I really needed to convey what this Keto journey is about for me. My clothes are fitting so differently (much looser) especially my scrubs. My mom sent me a “Before & Now” image that she made for me, I put it in […]

Weigh-in + Full Day of Eating Keto || Day 17 || Daily Vlog

Day 17! Today was the big time! It’s time to see what the scale said! I love that I’m still able to be a foodie! Only now it’s guilt-free with Keto! Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! Love to all! 😘 😍 $9.99 Milk Frother: https://goo.gl/Jk8QNs 😍 $29.94 Presto […]

Keto Diet Chat Part II

2nd video in Ketogenic Diet series. Yes that’s really me in a bikini the exact same day I filmed the video. I’m not perfect, but I’m real. Self-described #curvygirl ! Today we’re talking weight Loss Plateaus, Carb Hangover, etc. Talking all things Keto and a tidbit of Intermittent Fasting. Some […]

Keto Diet Chit Chat

Hello and welcome to my first ever YouTube video! I say “um” about a thousand times (literally) and my dog is disinterested in me filming (or doing anything besides throwing the ball with her). But stick with me! I love feedback! Some resources I mention in this video: Ketogenic Success […]

KETO DIET – How to make a Keto creamy pancake

KETO RECIPE – How to make Keto creamy pancake. It has a PERFECT keto macronutrient portion, PLUS it’s SO tasty and satisfied filling breakfast! Ingredients: 4 tbsp. organic full fat cream cheese 1 tbsp. organic coconut flour 1/2 tsp. cinnamon 2 organic free range eggs Directions: 1.In a mixing bowl, […]

Ketogenic Diet – Week 20 – Before and After Pictures

Hi everyone! Wow it’s been a while! I actually shot this video last week but finally had the chance to upload it. Haha.. I got a little busy again but I hope I can do videos more often! I also added shots of my before and after photos – honestly, […]