Keto Chicken Breast Pockets with Bacon – BeerBiceps Ketogenic diet recipes

Follow my fitness journey : The Ketogenic diet : Latest in the BeerBiceps keto recipes playlist, is this delicious and super simple KETO FRIENDLY stuffed chicken recipe. I’ve used organic bacon in this case, which unlike its processed cousin, IS okay for a ketogenic diet. Since this is […]

Easy Lemon Chicken & Keto Greens | BeerBiceps Ketogenic Diet Recipes

Follow my journey : The Ketogenic diet : Lemon Chicken Breast :- 1) (140g) Chicken breast 2)Zest from half a lime (Nimbu) 3)Juice from half a lime 4)1 clove garlic 5)Salt 6)Pepper 7)Thyme (Optional) 8)1 Tbsp Ghee KETO Friendly greens : 1)1 cup cabbage 2)1 cup spinach 3)1 […]