Full Day of Eating Keto | Disappointing Doctors Appointment

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, my computer was out of order for the last week or so, that’s why I’m just getting this video up now. As a disclaimer, I’m not bashing all MD’s or Weight loss medication, at all, just sharing with you some suggestions my GP recommended […]

// KETO FULL DAY OF EATING // All macros included!

Hey guys! Here is a video to give you an idea of what I eat in a day. Don’t forget that I’m BULKING which is why I’m eating 2300 calories per day. I’m also in the gym lifting 6 days/week. Hopefully this gives you some ideas of things you can […]

Atkins Induction Acceptable Foods – The Good, The Bad

and the Pork Rinds… I go over the Acceptable Foods for Atkins Induction and Extended Induction phase and personal advice on how to have a successful Induction phase. Having a successful Induction phase of Atkins is so much more than just losing weight. It is about getting your eating under […]

Ketogenic Diet: Dare to Eat Dairy?

My Advanced Keto Meal Plans & Coaching: Here is a link to the keto boosting products that I use! In this brief segment of the Ketogenic Girl Minute, Vanessa Collette and Jimmy Moore talk about the controversial topic of dairy on a Ketogenic diet. Should you avoid dairy? When and […]

Ketogenic Diet: Reversing Disease

My Advanced Keto Meal Plans & Coaching: Here is a link to the keto boosting products that I use! Is all of our modern disease coming from metabolic derangement? Watch my latest video and join in the discussion for more! Subscribe for all of my latest videos! Meal Plans & […]

FDOE | Keto/Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss | Ep. 13

Hi Everyone! Thank you for clicking on this video and supporting my channel. I hope it helps in any way or is at least entertaining for you to watch! Chocolate/caramel/pecan fat bomb 12 Tablespoons naturally refined coconut oil 6 Tablespoons cocoa powder 2 Tablespoons Sugarfree Torani Salted caramel syrup 1/2 […]

Keto Diet: Everything You Need To Know

* like and subscribe * This is a summary of everything you need to know about the Ketogenic diet, including what it is, who it’s for, and how to begin. Enjoy! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM ➫ Instagram: http://instagram.com/myrewardfitness CHECK OUT MY BLOG: http://myrewardfitness.com/blog FOLLOW ME HERE TOO: ➫ Snapchat: http://www.www.snapchat.com/add/meray… […]