Carbohydrates have a bad reputation when it comes to weight loss. Many claims have been made that the will make you fat. However, the reason so many people get fat from eating carbohydrates is because the eat the wrong carbohydrates. They eat sugary and low nutritional value carbohydrates. To lose weight you must eat healthy and high nutritional value carbs. These type of carbs will not make you fat and will instead give your body the energy it needs to burn fat.

The first carbohydrate that is good to eat for weight loss is wholegrain bread. This bread is processed the least, unlike white bread which has been processed so much it is basically sugar in the form of bread. As wholegrain bread is not processed much it still maintains is high nutritional value and fibre content.

The nutrients will give you body the things it needs to work properly. The high fibre content will fill you up more quickly and will help to push the food through your body, preventing any food from turning into bad toxins. Wholegrain bread has a low GI, meaning it will digest slowly and gradually release energy into your body. This will stop energy drops and cravings from occurring.

Next, vegetables. Vegetables contain hardly any calories, but have lots of vitamins that will keep your body happy. Vitamins keeps processes working properly within your body, such as the process of burning fat. Vegetables have high amounts of fibre which will help digestion.

The best time to eat vegetables is at night, as they do not contain many carbs and will not get stored as fat during your sleep. Try to steam or eat your vegetables raw, as cooking them in water will reduce the amount of nutrients.

Lastly, oats. Oats are a great source of slow release energy. The are hardly processed at all and contain lots of nutrients to fill your body up. They contain high fibre content. Oats have a low GI and therefore give you sustained energy.

Oats are an excellent choice for eating before workouts. They will give you a constant flow of good quality energy. Swap your sugary cereal with oats, this will give you a much healthier and fat burning start to the day.

These 3 carbs are some of the best you can eat. They great for weight loss and keeping a healthy body. More information on For how to lose 's weight Healthily, thru proper nutrition and exercise visit my website at Www.fat-loss-secret-online.com to gain instant access to the Fast Fat Loss my course.


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