Alright guys here’s my Conclusion after 2 Weeks on a Ketogenic Diet!
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  1. would now be interesting if u could use this knowledge of the increased libido on a keto diet as a temporary natural aphrodisiac
    and with "could" i mean like tweaking what (possbily the nuts) and how much of it is required for the libido increase (or even if it is gradual which would mean the more u eat the bigger ur libido gets :D)

    idk if having an increased libido in general is even all that desirable – id assume its a bit of a distraction :p

  2. First time watching. Great video, good amount of info included without being too long winded. Suscribed
    Looking forward to see your gains as I'm following a similar routine

  3. Thanks for your honest experiment. It was interesting listening to your results. I think your decision to add a bit more fat and protein back to your high fruit diet is a great idea. I find I do best on macros at around 70/15/15 although I never really track it. But when I do, that's where it is. Yes, get jacked!! That was my motivation too, to prove it can be done! I am not fully raw by any means, but 100% vegan and mostly whole foods. Keep it up man.

  4. So neat to hear your experiences on this. I'm happy to hear that you prefer the raw vegan diet much better. It'll be neat to see your future videos! I love finding channels like this (the raw vegan men) that prove you can be fit and gain muscle eating raw vegan. I show my dad and especially my brother channels like yours so they can see proof. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Bobby, am looking fwd to your "prototype" vegan. I fast 19 to 20 hours a day with a raw vegan diet and have experienced much improved digestion. I am greatly interested in seeing if you can actually make gains with this programme, as I lift and struggle to add muscle weight on raw vegan. I tried your raw oatmeal protein powder mixture from one of your past videos while you were in thailand. While it was delicious I did notice it was somewhat hard and slow to digest after eating it every day for 5 days. I'll be looking to see how well you gain in the near future with your "prototype" idea. thanks for all the insight and experience!

  6. I looooove that first day back after an injury. I thought being raw would make me immune to chronic injuries, but I was wrong. Only recently did I start running and lifting again and I have an even bigger smile on my face now when I do it.

  7. Holy shit this channel can't be real man. You always cover exactly what I wanna know and can't really find good information about! Keep up your experiments!
    What do u think of Oat flakes as a raw staple food?( 13% protein/18% fat/69% carbs) sounds pretty good to me…

  8. Yeah man do it! That is going to be an awesome series! Especially interesting for me cause i also try to gain some size on a (raw) vegan diet.
    Greetings from germany!

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