I changed things up. I’m trying out the Ketogenic Diet!
So Far I miss my Fruit!
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  1. Hey! Nice channel! I am not a vegan but you are a really interesting person with a very interesting life! I love the way you do things and I think being able to get in shape without meat is more impressive than what a lot of people could do. Good work man and keep it up!

  2. I love that 3 S logic bro!!…dont use tap water!!!dont!!doesnt matter what country you're tap water is horrible,its full of chlorine in most 1st world countries sometimes fluoride like in some euro countries and the US.
    About IT,I find it VERY hard to get my calorie intake on a frutarian diet while doing IT.idk how tall you and how much you weight but Im kinda short so it should be easier to reach my macros

  3. Super interesting that you try this! I wonder if the extremely high caloric content and the very few meals you therefore need take off stress of your system and if it gets you closer to a fasting state…So that it can be healthy even though the food itself is way inferior to fruit healthwise…

  4. I'm not buying the whole Keto thing… been hearing the hype for 10+ years from the bodybuilding scene and no one seems to stick with it long term so I always wondered the point… Then again if anyone can make it happen it's you Bobby! Absolute beast! I'm also impressed with the raw 100g/day protein intake!

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