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The most common question I receive is “what do you eat in a day on the keto diet”. Here’s a full day of eating high fat.

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What I Eat on Keto Diet (Part 4)

First Meal at 1PM

Chicken Thighs Cacciatore Style with Ricotta Cheese, Brussels Sprouts & Butter

Snack at 4:30PM

Mixed Nuts (Brazil, Almonds, Cashews, Macadamia) & Cheddar Cheese

Last Meal at 8PM

Canned Tuna, Avocado Mayo and Swiss Chard

This was an easy day in terms of meal preparation, since I had leftovers ready from the day before. The other two meals were no prep.

You’ll notice that I don’t mind eating simple foods on the keto diet. I’m more concerned with high quality ingredients and recipes that are cooked correctly vs. elaborate meal planning.

I don’t care about repeating the same meal in a day or back-to-back days if it tastes great!

I’ve gone from 176 lbs to 140 lbs since starting the keto diet and living a low-carb lifestyle.

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4 Replies to “What I Eat in a Day on Keto Diet (Part 1)”

  1. I am glad I found you …..can u pls make yor FULL DAY OF EATING KETO …less than 4 minutes in the future, cause we all don't have much time during the day…and a short video would help us … xo hugs

  2. Why pay a gazillion bucks for avocado oil mayo at a Whole Foods Market?  One clean pint jar, one whole egg, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice or distilled white vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon salt and a cup of avocado or light-flavored oil and use a stick wand or emersion blender "boat motor" to emulsify.  No pint jar or stick blender? Dump everything into a blender and hit frappe!

  3. I've been looking at that Mayo for awhile now. What is the flavor like?
    I grew up on Best Foods/Hellman's & Im particular about the flavor.
    I just don't feel comfortable with the soybean oil anymore.

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